The Problem: Agile organisations and teams fail to reach their full potential because they lack a deeper understanding of the agile methodology (which methods and practices could bring the most benefits) or have difficulties to assess their agility, the collaborative process or customers’ satisfaction.


Our Solution: Through our coaching methods and metrics of the agile process, we help you unlock your teams’ and organizations’ full potential. We help teams and organizations to adopt the agile philosophy and improve their capabilities for information exchange, building trust among team members as well as mitigate risk of introducing a new methodology by uncovering pitfalls and hazards.


Benefits for our customers: The excellent understanding of the agile methodology, teams and customers’ psychology ensures a smooth transition to agility for your team and organization  and enable our customers to get more out the agile process, boost performance and avoid unnecessary risks.


The Problem: Still struggling with updating your physical board with your printed User Story and task cards, re-capturing hand written changes into your issue tracking systems. Or setting up complex video infrastructure for your distributed Daily Stand-up meetings.


Our Solution: aWall is the new way of agile collaboration. aWall is a digital card wall solution, running on large interactive surfaces. It provides team views for the various agile meetings like Daily Stand-up, Sprint Plannings and more. Designed for co-located and distributed teams.  Through it’s unique Virtual Team Feature, it provides inboard video conferencing for distributed team meetings – without the need for extra infrastructure.


Your Benefits: Increased efficiency in collaboration and in agile meetings.  No extra effort for capturing changes by offering a full digital interactive solution; without media break, avoiding the need for physical boards. Reduced travelling costs; providing distributed collaboration in real time. Project information is always on – for all teams globally.


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The Problem: You need to introduce the technical agile practices like Unit Testing, Version Control with Git, build automation with Maven, or Test-Driven-Development with Java or C# into your software team. But you don’t know how to start, or you need a thorough introduction into the core agile technical practices.


Our Solution: With 20+ years of experience in software development we provide in-house introduction courses into version control with git, Unit Testing with JUnit and C#, build automation using Maven, Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Test-Driven Development in Java and C#.


Your Benefits: You profit from the experience of practitioners with 20+ years of software development experience. You will get a one or multi-day practical introduction training tailored to your needs. We will come to you, you can work in your familiar environment.