The Problem: Agile organizations and teams fail to reach their full potential because they lack a deeper understanding of the agile methodology (which methods and practices could bring the most benefits to their team and organization) or have difficulties to assess their agility, the collaborative process or customers’ satisfaction.


Our Solution: Through our coaching methods and metrics of the agile process, team collaboration and customers’ satisfaction we help you unlock your teams’ and organizations’ full potential. We help teams and organizations to adopt the agile philosophy and improve their capabilities for information exchange, build trust among team members as well as mitigate risk of introducing a new methodology by uncovering pitfalls and hazards.


Benefits for our customers: The excellent understanding of the agile methodology, teams and customers’ psychology ensures a smooth transition to agility for your team and organization  and enable our customers to get more out the agile process, boost performance and avoid unnecessary risks.

aWall: The Agile Collaboration Wall

The Problem: Agile organizations and teams even though employing agile methodologies and tools don’t reach their full potential because they suffer from a lack of oversight of the agile process and struggle with an inefficient collaborative process.


Our Solution: By providing teams with extensive information about team’s agile process and the possibility to act upon it as a team, aWall equips teams to better tackle their agile process and ultimately improve their productivity as a team.


Your Benefits: Shared available information pertaining to the agile process helps teams develop a better understanding of their process, which in turn boosts performance on various levels including commitment, identification with the team and the product.